i. Real Estate Agency

At InteRealtor, we know marketing your property with a professional and passionate real estate agent can make a difference to the final outcome. We are committed to work with you to ensure the entire process is carefully planned and that you understand how to maximize the sale or leasing price through professional marketing activities and open house presentations. As a trustworthy and reliable real estate agency, we have established a reputation as the premier agency for residential properties, with a proven track record in the luxury market segment.

ii. Project Marketing

InteRealtor is dedicated help developers achieve their development goals and objectives, not only by helping developers tailor their products to meet the needs of buyers, but also understand their changing trends and preferences. This makes us well poised to recommend creative marketing strategies that will appeal to the buyers. Throughout the process, our project management team will assist our clients every step of the way, from the project inception to its launch and everything in between.

iii. Industrial Property

Whether you are an operator, landlord or investor, InteRealtor has an industrial specialist team ready to develop and deliver the right industrial solutions to meet your needs. Backed by the firm’s expertise, we have been successful in helping both our local and multi-national clients to maximize their industrial assets.

iv. Real Estate Consultancy

With InteRealtor, clients can capitalize on emerging opportunities to maximize their real estate assets and investments. Our expert team provides market analysis that includes in depth ground insights. Armed with market knowledge, InteRealtor's highly skilled professionals are capable of assisting clients in strategic studies and consulting projects. This enables client companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and gain fresh insights that will help them maximize their real estate assets and investments.

v. Leasing Management

We provide customized lease management services for our clients (Landlords) to enjoy hassle free leasing arrangements. We undertake to collect rent payments, monitor rent arrears, liaise with tenants on a regular basis on issues relating to the property, as well as provide regular statements and property inspection reports to Landlords.

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Copyright ©2020 INTEREALTOR. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

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